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Let us first understand how IOT works, without getting technical. Simply put, IOT devices have a radio that they use to send and receive wireless signals. There are IOT wireless protocols designed to establish some basic communication services. Such protocol operate on low power, they consume low bandwidth and they work on an implementation fo mesh network. Soe IOT devices operate on 2.4 GHz band, which is also come into use by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the sub-GHz range. The sub-GHz frequencies, including 868 and 915 MHz bands, may have the advantage of less interference.

Thus, first and most important is the underlying is the underlying technology. The Internet as well as the numerous wire radios that allow these devices to connect to the Internet and most importantly, to each other. A number of communication standards have involved, for example, the familiar one like Wi-Fi, low-energy Bluetooth, Near Field  Communication (NFC) and RFID. There are also others that we do not frequently hear of, for example, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and 6LoWPAN. Apart from these standards, there are the things themselves-things’ or objects such as motion sensors, door locks, light bulbs, etc. In some situations, there may also be a central ‘hub’ that allows different devices to connect to one another.How does IOT work?

IOT Communication Standard: Biz-E-Bee, ZigBee, and Others



ZigBee is a mesh network, specifications for low power wireless local area networks, that is, WLANs that cover a large area. The standard was designed to provide high data throughput in applications where the duty cycle is low power consumption is an important consideration – and this is very much true for ‘intelligent buildings’, they are supposed to be energy efficient. ZigBee uses a specification for a suite of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks built from small, low-power digital radios based on an IEEE 802.15.4 standard. How does IOT work?


Near field communication (NFC) smartphones and other devices use the set of protocols to establish radio communication with each other – this can be done by touching the devices together or bringing them into proximity to a distance of typically 10 cm (3.9 in.) or less. How does IOT work?


Basically, Z-Wave is a radio frequency control protocol designed to achieve dependable communication and operation between diverse products provides by different manufacturers. Z-Wave can be your tablet or smartphone to control your environment when you are at home. Z-Wave is using for home automation. How does IOT work?


6LWPAN is an acronym to combine into a single word, the terminology. That is based on the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6) and Low-power Wireless Personal Area Network (LoWPAN), 6LoWPAN, therefore, empowers the smallest device with limited processing ability to transmit information wirelessly using an IP.ZigBee is the latest competitor to 6LoWPAN. How does IOT work?

How does IOT work Brief Description

As broadband Internet becomes more widely available, the connection cost decreases; as a result, more devices are now created with Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors built into them. Technology costs are also going down, and smartphone penetration rate is high like never before. All of these factors are driving a ‘storm’ for the IOT. We know that day-to-day device can have an ‘on-off-switch’. The idea of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other) embraces everything from communication devices such as tablets, cell phones, home appliances (e.g., lamps, wearable devices, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones) and almost anything else we can think of.

The concept also applies to machine components, for example. A jet engine of an airplane or the drill of an oil rig. If the device has an on and off switch then, most probably, it can be a part of the IOT. Partner Predictions (the research analyst firm) estimate that by the year 2020, this will become over 26 billion connected devices. This is a mind-boggling number of connections! According to other predictions, a massive network of connected devices. This is a mind higher than that (i.e., over 100 billion). This giant named ‘the IOT’ is people-things and things-things. How does IOT work?

From a technical perspective

From a technical perspective, it is best to look upon IOT as a system of blocks of houses that we have in any typical city except that ‘building’ is not really building but rather entities for digital communication. The architecture of the Internet which is the foundation of IOT. Therefore, to understand how the IOT works, we need to understand how the Internet works. It is convenient to look at it, that is. The Internet as analogy to a system through which the postman delivers letters to house two houses in each area

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